Business Without Borders

“Business without borders” aims to develop students’ entrepreneurship competences on international level with the help of experienced-based learning and mentor companies. We want to develop students´ soft and technical skills while establishing a company on a real financial basis with specific business plans in every partner country.

Other aims are to help students acquire key competencies that enable them to succeed in the real world. So, during the project students will also develop their entrepreneur skills and competences, their foreign language skills and their ICT skills.

The main activity of the project is setting up a company, by students, based on real values in every partner country.  While building up this company, students will exchange theoretical and practical knowledge and good practices.

Our main areas of our interest are market analysis, marketing, owner’s structure and organisation build-up, franchise, credit, financial plan, technology, strategy, sustainability, competitive edge, social responsibility, and ethics.

During the two-year project and the five meetings, we will build the system step by step, creating a new start up in theory and practice.

Mobilities are planned in each partner country so that partner teams will work on the following activities:

  • How to set up a business
  • Creation of a business
  • Financial plan for the business, marketing strategies, social responsibility, sustainable development
  • Preparation of the business plan
  • Presentations of international businesses: business plan, International Fair (with experts)
  • Competition of companies

To finish and close the project an International Fair will be held in Hungary with the participation of all partners.

The students participating in the project will get competences and skills like planning, organising, leading, ruling, sharing tasks, analysing, communicating, evaluating experiences, measuring and taking risk, working individually and in team, and ethical behaviour as well.

Students will be awarded with the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) certifying that they had a real entrepreneurship experience, and that they gained the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to start a business.

Teachers can gain from the project, too. They can strengthen their profession as a teacher, they will get new methods, new ideas. They will adapt the theory and practice of experienced-based learning, they will know good practices which they can use in their practice in the classroom.